Vegan Chicken Breast (6 Packs)


Introducing our vegan chicken breast 2.0. Use this tender and savory vegan chicken to create the foods you love most. This is our most versatile product and can be prepared using many different methods.

Vegan Chicken Breast

Each bag contains 3 large pieces of vegan chicken breasts. This order will include a total of 6 bags and 18 vegan chicken breasts total.

87 Calories/ 12g of protein per serving

261 Calories/ 36g of protein per Bag

Ingredients: Water, Non-GMO Textured Soybean Protein, Non-GMO Sunflower Seed Oil, Soy Protein Powder, Brown Sugar, Pea Protein, Carrot Extract, Sea Salt, Yeast, Vegan Seasoning and White Pepper.

Contains: Soy and Wheat

Free Shipping included for orders shipped to California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

For all other states, a minimum shipping fee of $20 will be applied to guarantee freshness.