Since 1994, All Vegetarian Inc has created delicious and healthy vegan foods with the highest standards in mind. In 2006, we made the leap to convert all our vegan food products to 100% vegan.

Our famous vegan bacon was developed by Tony & Grace, the partners and co-founders behind All Vegetarian Inc. 

Interested in using our vegan products in your store or restaurant? Give us a call at (626) 448-5919 to begin a wholesale account.

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Ingredients, nutrition facts, serving sizes and more will be available soon.

Vegan Bacon 2.0

Vegan Shrimp 2.0

 Vegan Sunny-Side Up Egg

Vegan Drumsticks

 Vegan Chicken

(New version coming soon)

Vegan Shrimp Balls

Vegan Mushroom Balls

Vegan Fish Balls

Vegan Bites

Vegan Beef Chunks

Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Vegan Tuna

Vegan Fish Ham 

Vegan Fish Ham (Sliced)